Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ways to say I Love You

Here are some simple ways to let your husband know you love him:

• Say "I love you"

• Make his favorite meal for no other reason than your love for him.

• Clean up (shower, hair, face, teeth, etc.)

• Mail a love letter to his work, put it in his Bible or in the car.

• Make sure the house is clean and calm before he comes home.

• Watch a "boy" movie with him.

• Scratch his back or massage his feet.

• Don't spend more than he makes.

• Always listen when he wants to talk.

• Don't neglect his physical needs.

There are thousands of other ways to express your love to your husband. Find ways each day to let your husband know how much you care.

1 comment:

Meredith said...

Hi, Wendy! What a good reminder. I need to put some of these in practice before Valentine's Day even rolls around : )