Saturday, January 12, 2008

Prepare My Heart

It is Saturday night, and we are preparing for another busy Sunday. The girls get their own clothes out and ready for Sunday morning. Everything needs to be ready or Sunday morning very quickly turns into chaos.
We have taught our girls to get all their clothes (including the shoes!) out and lay them on the table, get their Bibles ready and any homework they need to take back. This seems so simple on Saturday night, but push it to Sunday morning and we completely lose focus of peace in our home.
Now, I need to prepare my heart for church tomorrow. I need to pray that God would open my heart to His teaching, that He would show me those I need to serve, that God would give me wisdom to deal with touchy situations, but most of all I need to ask God to lead unsaved people to our church so they can hear about Him and accept Jesus as their Savior.
To God be the Glory.

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