Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Home Education in Our House

Our local volcano
The little stickers are the girl's villages

Today, my husband and children gathered around their volcano to watch it erupt. They built the volcano last week, painted it yesterday and today was the day to watch the explosion. The eruption was quite small, but I was happy since this great event was happening on my kitchen table.

My husband has been teaching our girls
about volcanoes in science and this was the culmination of lessons. I believe our girls will always remember these lessons.
When I was teaching our girls science, I woul
d just read the lessons to them. My husband is quite the opposite, he does every experiment with them.
That is what makes learning fun for all of us.


Elisabeth Renee said...

I must say that's just about one of the coolest volcanoes I've ever seen. I bet very few of my students could make one as cool as that. AND it erupted. The science teacher in me is so excited!!!

Anonymous said...

I love how even Abby is totally into it! That's my girl! :P

<3 Gracie