Tuesday, January 8, 2008

How to Listen to Others

Right now in my quiet time I am going through the book of Job. It has been a great time in God's Word. Yesterday, I was reading chapter 8 of Job, where Bildad continues to tear Job apart. The most crushing part for me was realizing that this was his "friend". Along with my Bible I am also using Holman Old Testament Commentary by Steve Lawson. In the Life Application portion for chapter 8 he shared the following:

How to Listen to Others

1. Do not dominate the conversation.

2. Validate the feelings of the other person. "Yes, I see what you mean"

3. Do not interrupt the other person.

4. Do not immediately correct the other person. Make sure you have all the facts first.

5. Ask insightful questions.

Thinking through this list often will hopefully make me a better friend to those who are hurting.

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