Sunday, May 31, 2009

Harvest San Diego Spring Retreat

Last weekend we had the pleasure of joining Harvest Church at their Spring Retreat in San Diego.We truly enjoyed the time we were able to spend with this young (in age) church. The fellowship was sweet and their desire to hear God's Word preached was great. Here are some pictures from our time there.

My favorite picture from the weekend.

Rachel is such a good big sister.

Aren't they cute. I love this picture too.

Daddy helping Hannah.

Bekah just released an arrow. She did a great job.

Daddy helping Rachel.

My baby having a special moment with the horse. She loves horses.

Look at that smile.

The helmet is a little big.

She isn't smiling in this picture, but she had a great time.

Heading home after a busy retreat.

I can't believe her neck wasn't sore after she slept like this for over an hour.

Awe, QUIET!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sewing with Grandma

Grandma Baldwin has been very gracious to help me and my girls learn to quilt. Here are some pictures of Grandma working with Bekah.

Cutting her squares

Measuring before cutting

Grandma had soda, cookies and fresh fruit for all the girls.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Earthquakes and Friends

Today, Bekah asked if we could go to the Baldwin's to see Gracie, Abby said, "No, I don't want another earthquake." 

Let me explain:

Over the last few days, we have experienced a couple of earthquakes here in Southern California. It is quite humorous to me that both of the earthquakes (the ones we felt) occurred when we were at friends' houses. We were walking in the Baldwin's house on Sunday night when the first one happened and we were sewing at Grandma Baldwin's house yesterday when the second one happened. 
Here is God's grace, when in front of friends you don't let your fear show (you have to be cool you know), so I have not panicked once. The important point to note here is I haven't freaked my kids out yet. Yay!
God is so good to give us friends for the good times and the bad ones too. Love you Baldwins.

I must also mention we were spending the night at the Caballero's the night of the Lander's quake ( '92). It was a 7.3 and I was not calm or cool after that one. But, we are still friends.