Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Resolved 2009, Pt. 2

Saturday morning the conference was started off with a great time of worshipping God in music. The music was amazing and seemed to fit perfectly with every message all weekend long. I am so thankful to Enfield for leading our music for the whole weekend, they are a truly gifted group.

Resolved Session #2 (Saturday morning)

Dr. Steve Lawson
Message: Blessed Bankruptcy
Reference: Matthew 5:3

5 Keys to Truth

1. Priority- All the beatitudes come after, being poor in spirit. We can't be merciful, a peacemaker, etc. unless we are poor in spirit. In order to have riches in heaven, we must file bankruptcy on earth.

2. Promise- Blessed is the opposite of wrath. Blessed means happy now, Heaven later. Blessed is deep seeded joy. Psalm 1:1.

3. Paradox- Blessed are the poor in spirit, the world just can't understand how you can be poor and blessed.

4. Picture- Being poor in spirit doesn't mean being financially poor, a poor personality or having self-pity. Being poor in spirit means coming empty handed to God.

I have nothing
I am nothing
I can do nothing

5. Pronouncement- Theirs (those poor in spirit) is the kingdom of Heaven.

What a great sinner I am, and what a great Savior He is.

As I review this message, I am taken back to the statement that, being poor in spirit means coming empty handed to God. I can't offer Him anything. Everything I have and am is because of God. I am a sinner saved by HIS grace.

The carpet in the convention center.
Photo by: Camilo

Our group from GBC.
What a great weekend to spend with such special friends.

The Baldwin's hands.

Messing around with my wristband at Del Taco.

Lord willing tomorrow I will post about session #3.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Resolved 2009

Tonight, as I sat down to do my quiet time, I decided to not only do my daily Bible reading and prayer. I also decided to review a message a day from the Resolved conference and think through the message and take away at least one thing I can be working on in my life. Resolved was such an amazing blessing for me, I don't want it to fade with time as just a good memory. I want to be able to go back next year a changed person from all I learned at Resolved 2009.

Resolved Night #1

Dr. Rick Holland
Message: The War Against Your Soul
Reference: 1 Peter 2: 11-12

The greatest danger in warfare is underestimating your enemy.

We are in a war (whether we know it or not) and I am the enemy. Ouch

Three mistakes we make:

We humanize God.
We glorify ourselves.
We minimize our sin.

Being a christian citizen demands the fight. If we are not fighting against sin we are dead.

Do you know the associates of Satan in your heart? Which is the strongest?

This last question is the most important thing I took from this message. I don't want to have anything of Satan's in my heart. I need to look at my heart and the sin I struggle with and understand if I am not fighting that sin, I am giving Satan a spot in my heart.

"Be killing sin or it will be killing you" - John Owen

Along with a review of the messages I wanted to include pictures from the weekend.

Here are the pictures from the first night.

The mountains outside the Palm Springs convention center.

Kathy and Valerie enjoying Sherman's sandwiches.

Our wristbands to get in.

The crowd waiting to get in. I must say this is the only part of the weekend
I did not like.

The stage. It is hard to see but there are lanterns hanging above the
stage with flickering candles (artificial). Amazing something so
simple could add so much beauty.

Tomorrow I will post about day 2 at Resolved.

Here are some links to see a lot more about the weekend:

You can download the MP3's for free at (you just have to sign up for a free account). Hit the media link to find all the messages from this year and 2007 and 2008. This is a treasure chest being offered for free.

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