Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day 2008

Can I say Happy Fall yet? Oh I love the fall! SO many things to excite the senses. Today, we were able to spend a quiet day relaxing with Richard's parents. It was nice to be cold (their air-conditioner can replicate freezer conditions). It was just a peaceful way to start our week. Our girls love to visit Nana and Grandpa's because they have a yard to play in.

My first fall picture! These are the apples on my FIL's tree.
They were quite delicious.

One of the roses in my MIL's garden.

Richard and his dad. Aren't they handsome.

Richard and his mom laboring on Labor Day.
He worked on their electronics for over an hour.

Stretching Hannah's birthday out one more day.
Yes, we have two desserts on our plates. The cheesecake and
Nana's brownies.

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