Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Hannah Nanna!

Hannah's Birthday Picture
August 31, 2008

Yesterday we were able to celebrate our daughter Hannah's 8th birthday. Hannah is such a joy to have in our family. She is also an answer to my Mom's prayers that I would have a daughter just like me. She is "very active" and sneaky just like I was when I was young. She also has a very tender heart. I thought I would post some pictures of her growing up. Unfortunately, we lost her birth pictures and pictures up until she was about a year old when our computer crashed a few years ago. It was such a sad day to realize I had lost my baby's pictures. But, use it as a reminder to back up your pictures, you can't get them back.

Look at those cheeks!

Hannah and Bekah - Christmas 2001
Our first Christmas at GBC!

Hannah at Knott's - 2004

Daddy and Hannah at Vasquez Rocks - 2004

Hannah at Butterfly Enclosure - 2005

Hannah is growing into an amazing young lady. She loves to serve God and people. She is always busy doing something.

For her birthday dinner she wanted fried chicken, Caesar salad and a minty cheesecake. It was definitely a day to test my cooking skills. I think everything came out ok. She was happy with the food.

Weird colored picture, but the cheesecake was good.
There is a layer of chocolate underneath.

Yum, fried chicken. I did it.
It is not hard, just time consuming.

Happy Birthday my sweet Hannah!

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Elisabeth Renee said...

She's such a sweet girl...and such a cutie!