Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Family TIme

Sunday is the most wonderful day of the week. We have the pleasure of going to a great church to worship the Lord. We are also blessed to be able to spend time with our church family. Sundays are long days, but they are also the most enjoyable days.
This past Sunday was no exception. We celebrated Hannah's birthday, we were able to sit in church together with our church family and learn why "Blessed are the Persecuted," we had a wonderful time in prayer in the evening and after service some of the families went down to San Pedro to the water fountain to enjoy the evening. It was a beautiful night.

Bekah and a friend enjoying the show.

The water shoots up so high.

Rachel and our friend Pete.

Some of the people just standing back to
enjoy the show and conversation.

Now, artistically this is not a good picture. But the picture is
worth a 1000 words. We are all enjoying singing along with the music
to " My Favorite Things," from The Sounds of Music.
And I must say these women are some of my favorite friends!
A friend is someone you can laugh with, cry with and even sing
loudly in public with.

Thank you God for continuously blessing us!!


Elisabeth Renee said...

All I can say is....I don't even have words actually. hahahaha That is a great pic!

Anonymous said...

A real friend is someone who doesn't just sing loudly with you in public, but who also will join you in song from the next stall, as you sing loudly in a public bathroom. The kids draw the line there. If you'd like to be THAT friend, the job is still open;0
(word of the day, offgxzu)