Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Witnessing in My Neighborhood, Part 2

Another aspect of the Sunday morning messages that has been on my heart, is the fact that God has specifically put people in my life that I only have access to.

Here is an example:

We have a gentleman in our church who owns his own construction company, he has many men who work for him. This last week he was able to share the gospel with some of the men. He invited four of them to come to church and two came.

Our Pastor pointed out that he was faithful with what God had given him. Our Pastor or anybody else in our congregation couldn't have walked on the job site and started witnessing to these men because they didn't know them. But this business owner knows these men and more importantly they know him and watch him. So he was able to share the gospel with them.

There will be people like that in my life, people who God has intended me to witness to. Maybe the checker at the market, or the teller at the bank or maybe one of my physical neighbors. If I am not obedient, the Gospel will not be presented to them (at least not by me). And to be quite honest that is shameful for me. We are not talking about saying nice things or flattering somebody, we are talking about sharing the truth so they will not spend eternity in hell.

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