Friday, June 6, 2008

Graduation Season

Rachel at her graduation rehearsal.

This time of year is always a nostalgic time for me. Whenever I go to a graduation I am always moved by the ceremony and the closure that comes with it. Now you should know I have had my fair share of graduations to attend.

My husband graduated with his BA in 1997
My husband graduated with his M. Div in 2003
My daughter graduated from Kindergarten in 2006
My husband graduated with his D. Min 2007
My other daughter will graduate from Kindergarten next week.

Plus, all of our friends who have blessed us with an invitation to their special day. I am always surprised when I feel emotional at such a happy celebration.

Yesterday, we had a graduation rehearsal for my daughter. I just sat and watched my little shy girl walk up on stage and shake hands with our headmaster's son. Then tonight we attended a family friend's 8th grade graduation.

I am overtaken by the fact that this phase is over in their life. I always sit back and wonder, did they accomplish what they wanted to? I also think about the parents who have encouraged and supported their student for so many years.

When my husband graduated this last time, I started to cry as soon as he marched in. I was so overtaken by the emotion of his graduation. Just knowing how hard he had worked and how much he had sacrificed to accomplish this goal. 

I always think about heaven when I am at a graduation. When I get to heaven, will I be one of those graduates who slips in barely by the skin of my teeth. Or by God's grace will I be one who has accomplished much for the kingdom of God (with honors). Will my Savior say, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

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