Friday, June 27, 2008

Lesson 1 from Oregon

During our main sessions at the IFCA convention Dr. Alex Montoya spoke to us about church planting. Each message had a specific area of church planting as it's main focus.

Dr. Alex Montoya

The first message was why we need to church plant.

Many things touched my heart, but most of all I was humbled by my lack of obedience in the area of witnessing to the unsaved.

Dr. Montoya said this of Matthew 28:18-20, "This is the Great Commission, not the great suggestion."

I have been trying to witness to our neighbors through the friendships we are cultivating. But this is not enough. I need to witness each time God gives me an opportunity.

This was just two blocks away from the convention. Notice the flag. This world is filled with lost people who are going to hell.

I am praying and asking God to give me boldness and wisdom as I strive to be more obedient to Him in this area.

One change I will make this week is, I will be going out into our church's neighborhood on Saturday to witness to our neighbors. I do not want to miss another opportunity to share the Good News of the Gospel with anybody. I also want my girls to understand the importance of sharing Christ with others. What better way for them to learn, than watching Mom step out of her comfort zone and share with others.

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