Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Our Valentine's Day Celebration

We try to make Valentine's Day fun for our girls. Usually for art that day I have the girls make Valentine's Day cards for each other. We have a Valentine's Day mailbox (an old shoe box wrapped in wrapping paper) we have been using for about 5 years now. It is in pretty bad shape, but my girls get so excited when it comes out. We put all Valentines in there, even the ones from Grandma and Papa that come in the mail.

On Valentine's night the girls and I make a simple dinner and decorate the table. The last two years we have had enchiladas, rice, beans and salad. I usually buy Valentine's Day paper goods, so the table looks really festive and we have more time after dinner to enjoy our Valentine's. Now, for the most important thing (as far as my girls are concerned) we put conversation hearts all over the table and after dinner we read them and eat them. It is a great family time for us.
After dinner is all cleaned up from we sit down and open all our cards. Dad usually makes each of his girls a card. Handmade cards are so special and meaningful.

This is the way we celebrate Valentine's Day.

This year my husband and I decided to change things around. We have invited single friends to join us for our Valentine's celebration. We want our girls to look around and see who they can serve and this is a wonderful way our whole family can serve those who are single. My girls are so excited, they asked if they can make Valentine's for our guests today. It will be an interesting dinner, so far we have two single guys coming. My husband will be happy I am sure to have other men at the table. It will be a change for our girls who are usually just silly at dinner, we will be able to work on those table manners we have been working through in school.


Amanda said...

That sounds like so much fun. I hope you have a wonderful dinner. :)

Mrs Nespy said...

Thanks for the help! I have added this postto a list of my Valentine ideas on my blog.