Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Beautiful Day

Here is how our morning started, quiet and relaxing. The two older girls were working on homework and the two smaller ones were playing quietly together. Wow.

Here is a close up of my two big girls. Notice my Hannah has her little legs crossed.

Remember the free M & M's a few weeks ago at CVS, I am making them work for me now. I am using them as little rewards for good listening in school. I don't give out very many, just at key times to keep their attention. They are all very excited when they see the M&M's come out.

In an effort to use what I have on hand, I am using this bucket that has been on top of my refrigerator for three years to store the M&M's for school.

And this was our lunch today. I am not usually a mac and cheese person, but today it was all good.

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