Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Gracie Loo Hoo!!

Today is our sweet friend's birthday. Grace is an amazing young woman who loves the Lord. She is so talented. She writes songs, plays the guitar and sings. Today is her special day. Unfortunately, we are unable to see her today as she just moved out of state last week to go to school. My girls had the hardest time saying good bye to her. Driving home was so sad listening to the sniffling from the back seat.

Bekah, Grace, Peter, Becky, Ingrid and Rachel

Grace and Jewels singing.

Girl sandwich with chocolaty Nathaniel.

Grace and her family at Rachel's graduation.

Grace and Jewels leading music at Awana.

*Update- We just tried to call Gracie to say Happy birthday, but she is so loved that her voice mail box is full.

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Grace B. said...

Thank you Wendy!!! I love you guys and I miss you so much! I had to delete my voicemails because the box got full! I'll try to call you guys sometime soon! I know you're at vbs now, so I'll try to call within the next week. Love you!