Friday, August 22, 2008

Camping 2008

Around the campfire. Notice the train coming from the left.

As I was transferring pictures from my camera to computer today I realized I had not finished posting about our vacation this year.
Our vacation in a nutshell was very much God's will not our plans. Many of the things we planned on doing just did not happen. As I reflected on it later I realized God kept us home to rest up for the upcoming busy season.
One detour was our week of camping. We left for the campground on Monday morning and returned home on Tuesday evening. We were supposed to spend a week there. Richard and Rebekah had the stomach flu and Hannah had Fifths Disease. We decided Tuesday evening we better head home, Richard was in pain, Bekah was just miserable and Hannah could not be in the sun. We told the girls we were leaving and they all cried, but I am happy they all got on board to tear down camp.
By God's grace I took 51 pictures in the short time that we were there. Here are some of the highlights.

The train going by overhead. These trains are so quiet.

Making smores!

Our campfire right before we put it out. Notice the pretty heart shape.

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