Sunday, May 11, 2008

What We Did For Mother's Day

Our morning started early when my husband and girls woke me up to give me my Mother's Day gift and cards. Each of my girls and my husband made my Mother's Day cards this year. Each of the cards are so very special to me. They will be treasures I will come back to time and time again.

After we got ready we left for church. The men, some of the children and one very beautiful young woman cooked a wonderful breakfast for all the moms of our church. They cooked:
15 dozen eggs
6 pounds of bacon
French Toast
Chorizo and egg burritos
There was also a lot of fresh fruit and juices.

They even went farther and served all the moms and all the small children.

CoCo and me.

Some of the women in our church. Notice my little one standing on the side.

This evening we had the pleasure of attending the graduation exercises at The Master's Seminary. Tonight the seminary honored our pastor of many years with an honorary doctorate degree. It was a very moving presentation as the whole sanctuary (approx. 4000 people) gave our Pastor a standing ovation. My husband and I discussed this as we drove home and how our Pastor has impacted so many lives. Pastor has been my husband's very wise and straight forward mentor for many years.

Pastor addressing the crowd at his party.

My girls enjoying the party clean up.

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