Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Cooking Class and Birthday Party

Yesterday was a busy day. I started out at the house of an older member of our church. She is a Korean woman who cooks good food. I asked her several months ago if she would teach me how to make her wontons. She asked me to come over her house yesterday so she could show me how. So I took good notes and took pictures. Here was our process:

This is a half of pound of spinach that was blanched and then squeezed till all of the water was gone.

This is Toni trimming and cutting up three pounds of pork roast.

This is the spinach, 2 bunches of green onions and part of the pork.

These were cool! These noodles are made from potatoes. We put them in boiling water and then let them sit for a long time. After they were done, Toni cut those up.

This is the completed mix. Toni added 3 pounds of hamburger, then mixed it very well.

Here is the mix stuffed in wonton wrappers and sealed with egg. This part was sort of difficult, because Toni wanted a lot of meat in each one. Every
time I tried to put in a lot of meat, I tore the wonton wrappers. It was fun though.

Toni fried the wontons until they were brown and floated to the top of the oil.

Don't they look good. After we were done with the wontons, my family came over and we enjoyed the fruits of our labor.

Later in the afternoon we were invited to a birthday party. Here is Abby and Rebekah enjoying the jumper.

This is Luna and her Daddy with her cupcake tower.

We were very busy yesterday, but very blessed by the families in our church!

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