Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Shepherd's Conference

One of the blessings of living in southern California is the opportunity my husband has the first week of March every year. It is to the attend the Shepherd's conference at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley. This conference is totally designed to train and serve our pastors and lay leaders.

I am always so excited to see my husband go to the Shepherd's conference. It is a time for him to be encouraged and challenged. Also he is able to see friends from seminary and bring home lots of free books.

The staff and volunteers go out of their way to serve the 3,000+ leaders in attendance. There are food tables set up all over, a well stocked bookstore with great discounts, a shoe shine booth, wireless stations for checking email, a concierge desk and many other things that serve the men. They also serve the men lunch Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The teaching at this conference is awesome. Not only do they bring in the big names for the main sessions, they also have the staff teaching amazing seminars to help the men in their ministries.

This conference is so important because it rejuvenates our leaders for another year of service to our Lord. Many times our pastors serve us all so well, yet they are not served by us. Grace Community Church has taken this task on and does a superb job of equipping and encouraging our pastors.

As a bonus this year, Grace Community is offering free live audio stream of the main sessions. The sound quality is great. Here is the link: Shepherd's Conference Live Stream

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