Friday, July 25, 2008

Getting Ready

Today (technically yesterday) I had the privilege of working at our church in preparation for our upcoming VBS.

VBS is kind of a mixed bag of emotions for me. I am always worried we haven't done enough, therefore it causes great stress for me before it starts. Then, when VBS starts I am humbled by God's grace and how He always puts everything together perfectly in ways I could not have even imagined. I love to see our church come together for the week and work as a team. Watching as our teachers share the gospel with the children is what it all boils down to. I want the kids to have fun, but the most important thing is to see them saved from an eternity in hell. That is worth all the sweat and tears.

I remember attending VBS as a kid, but I only remember the crafts and the prize I received for perfect attendance (it was a latch hook kit). How thankful I am now for all the hard work that went into planning for VBS when I was young.

This sign is one of the things I was able to work on today.

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