Wednesday, July 30, 2008

3rd Day of Vacation

Today we were able to enjoy the Orange County Fair for our third day of vacation. We each took a new children's book and received free admission and a free carnival ride. Once again, we had beautiful weather. Here are some snap shots from our day.

Not a family member, just a really cool looking goat. He was causing trouble in his pen. 
I still can't tell how he was able to see anything.

Yes, my girls are milking a plastic cow. And yes, Hannah is standing behind a cow.

This pig is 4 years old, she had just given birth to 5 pigs three weeks ago. 
Look at Abby's face, she had just touched her skin and said very loudly, "It's hard."

This little guy is only 11 days old. He was on everyone's favorite thing of the day list.

Very  appropriate, this is one of the girl's favorite foods.

Saboo. This is a sad looking water buffalo.

All my dairy girls.

This was our first time going to the OC Fair, we had a lot of fun. I honestly, could not believe the amount of food booths in such a small area. It did smell good though.

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Grace B. said...

Aww!! I'm going to miss my girls!