Saturday, April 2, 2011

1st Quarter Round Up in Pictures

I have not blogged in so long, here are the pictures on my computer that show what we have been doing this year so far.

We started 2011 with our friends, the Baldwins, beating on pans outside at midnight.

On Friday, January 7th we celebrated Rachel's 9th birthday at Disneyland.

We also celebrated little Joshua's birthday (he shares Rachel's birthday).

Rich with our beautiful girls at Disneyland.

The girls in Long Beach in January.

Bekah at Fort Mac in February.

Abby and Emma at a tea party in February.

Hannah at the tea party.

We were able to help Nathaniel celebrate his 5th birthday in February.

Abby going after the piñata.

Hannah after trying to hit the piñata.

Rachel with the piñata.

Bekah after she won musical chairs.

The kids at the party.

My first Valentine's Day gift from Rich.
We made waffles and chicken the next night for dinner.

Richard also surprised us and took us to San Diego for a night.
Rich's Mom also joined us for our special night in San Diego.
We stayed in Little Italy. What a wonderful place with so much to discover.

Rachel, Hannah and Bekah at a park next to our hotel.

Abby being Abby at the park.

Rich and his Mom at the park.

The next morning we had delicious bagels in Little Italy.

Nana and Rachel at the bagel shop.

Abby at the bagel shop.

Hannah and Abby collecting sticker balls in Heritage Park.

Rich and I in Heritage Park.

In front of the Mormon Museum.

Nana panning for gold at the Mormon Museum.

Hannah panning for gold.

Bekah and Abby panning for gold.

A lizard Rich caught outside of Old Town Cafe in San Diego.

On March 3rd I was able to celebrate Tanya's birthday with Linda and Ruby too.

Not wanting Tanya's tiara to go to waste, I took her to Sam's for some more pictures.
She was a good sport.

She has adapted well to California weather. Boogie board and flip flops.

On Friday, March 4th
Richard and I were able to attend
the 25th Anniversary Banquet for
The Master's Seminary.

This is the only picture of us from the night. Unfortunately, it is blurry.

Air Force One above the tables (1000 people were there to celebrate this milestone).

Marine One (Our table was right next the nose)

Ronald Reagan's grave.

Rich next to a piece of the Berlin Wall.

Just a random squirrel I took a picture of at home.

Well, that is the highlights of the last three months in our lives. Hopefully, I can keep up with this in the future.


Elisabeth Renee said...

Thanks for the fun update!!

Gracie said...

I just got Bargas-sick. I miss you guys!