Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hello from Down Under

Flowers I bought for Richard.

No, unfortunately I am not in Australia. I am in a house where everybody has been down sick in the last 6 days. It has been an exhausting week. But in the midst of it all God has been speaking to my heart. He has honestly done a miraculous work this week. I have wanted to stomp my feet at times and say, "I am sick too," but God has shown me how blessed I am to be able to take care of my family in times of sickness. I know the day will come quickly when my girls will be sick and they won't want Mommy to hold them. And they won't want my chicken noodle soup either. He has especially given me the stomach to be with my girls when dinner visited them again in the night. I admit I usually let this one fall to Richard, but I wanted to make sure he didn't get sick this week. That didn't end up working. He got sick too. God has been giving me the energy needed to continue to care for my family in these difficult times.
What a blessing it was last night to walk into my girl's room and nobody is coughing up a lung. I love to see them sleeping peacefully after being sick.

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Elisabeth Renee said...

So glad that you all are feeling better. I missed seeing you today!